32 ounce - BECKMAN WATERPOLO laser engraved sport bottle

$ 39.95

This listing is for an engraved 32 ounce Navy Blue Aquatix Insulated Bottle engraved on front with the "Beckman Water Polo" logo with a Red Protective Sleeve. 

Name will be added HORIZONTAL on the LOWER-BACK of the bottle as shown in the picture. Please leave name in the "Enter name you would like on the bottle" box. Type name exactly as you would like it engraved (if typed in all CAPS, it will be engraved in all CAPS etc.)

32oz Bottle Color: Navy Blue

32oz Protective Sleeve: Red

Bottles are laser etched. All Logos, Names & Images will be etched onto the bottle paint and will reflect stainless steel color underneath. Variations of color in the images are due to photography.

Perfect gift for Beckman Water Polo team members and staff. Or, simply to show your Beckman Water Polo pride.

Aquatix stainless steel insulated bottles provide a more durable and eco friendly alternative to plastic.

Aquatix Bottles are made with 100% BPA free materials, free of phthalates, other toxins, lead, or anything harmful to the body or earth. Made from pure food grade light weight but durable 18-8 stainless steel, the purest form of material to house your liquids, hot or cold. Double vacuum insulated wall construction contributes to hot teas, soup, coffee or other blends being consistently hot for up to 12 hours. And, for cold water, smoothies, soft drinks, or anything you may need very cold, 24 hours of insulated confidence, guaranteed cold! The bottle will not “sweat”, meaning it will not create condensation which may leave a “ring’ of liquid on your expensive burled walnut side table. * Easy to hand wash or clean, NO aftertaste after cleaning.

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